Jamie Harper

Mocksville NC native Jamie Harper, hales from a family of performers. By the age of six he started learning guitar but the fiddle soon came calling, being the first in his family to play fiddle since his great-great grandfather. At a young age Jamie became a regular at many of the areas Fiddlers Conventions and Festivals further growing his love for music. Along the way he found interest in learning other instruments like mandolin, guitar, bass and banjo and also found an interest in other types of music. Starting his first full time position in 2003, Jamie has been fortunate enough to tour, record with some of todays top Bluegrass, Americana and Country performers in the US, Canada and Europe. Some of which include: Michelle Nixon & Drive, Donna Hughes, Carrie Hassler & Hard Rain, Still-House, Skip Cherryholmes Quintet, Marty Raybon, Blue Moon Rising, The Blue Dogs, Red Marlow, Junior Sisk & Ramblers Choice, and Claybank. When not on the road Jamie maintains a full teaching schedule with the Triad music group, spending time with family and friends, and fishing.